Papers dealing with any aspect of transport phenomena and thermal-fluids engineering from fundamental sciences to applications in engineering systems and nature are solicited. Topics include but are not restricted to the following areas:
Heat and Mass Transfer Industral Aerodynamics & Wind Engineering
Experimental / Computational Fluid Dynamics Combustion and Reacting Flows
Carbon Capture & Sequestration Chemical Process Systems
Electronic Equipment Cooling Micro- and Nano-scale Transport
Heat Exchangers Turbulence and Flow Instabilities
Thermal-Fluids Machinery Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
Transport in Porous Media Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Reactors
Transport Phenomena in Multi-Phase Systems Manufacturing and Materials Processing
Environmental Systems Visualization/Imaging Techniques
Bioengineering & Biothermal Fluid Dynamics Sustainable Energy Conservation
Biofuels sustainability Renewable energy technologies
High efficiency power storage system Fuels and alternatives
Hybrid vehicles sustainability Fuel cells technologies
Other Topics Related to Transport Phenomena  

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